How to choose the best sheer curtains for your Perth home

Sheer curtains are the popular option right now – and this furnishing trend is one that’s set to last. But if you’re choosing new sheer curtains for your Perth home, what do you need to consider?

If the style and fabric choices feel overwhelming, don’t worry, I’m here to help.

What sheer curtain colour should I opt for?

Neutral tones for sheers look stunning in a modern home, adding softness and privacy while also allowing some natural light to stream in. To choose the best sheer curtain colour for your space, you need to consider the style of your home, your walls and your floors.

If you have timber floors and white walls, a white sheer curtain can blend into the background. But if you want to make more of a statement with your curtains, a darker hue could set it off nicely.

The Best Sheer Curtains for Perth Home

Sheer curtain materials

While there are numerous sheer curtain materials on the market, there are a couple of popular choices, and for valid reasons.

The heavier and textured sheer is made from linen, and this fabric isn’t as see-through. This material works well in adding warmth to a space, such as within a home with polished concrete floors.

The lighter and more transparent fabric choice is voile, which blends cotton, linen and polyester. This more airy look works well styled in homes on the coast or in rooms with carpets.

The Best Sheer Curtains for Perth Home

How should I hang my sheer curtains?

There are different track options for hanging your sheer curtains, each of which give a different look and feel.

S-fold curtain hangings for sheers

An s-fold curtain style is one of the more popular hangings, as it creates a modern look and feel. Essentially, an ‘S’ shape is created when hanging the sheer along the track or rod, and even though it’s a minimalist option, it tends to add a touch of sophistication to the sheer.

Pleated curtain hangings for sheers

Pleats are often seen on an older-style curtain type, but using this style with sheers makes it modernised. If you want to hide the pleated fabric on the tracks, you can choose a modern-looking pelmet to conceal them.

Where should you fix your sheer curtains?

The best place to fix your sheer curtains depends on the style of cornices you have within your home. If you don’t have cornices on your ceilings, and have a lower ceiling, then I’d recommend placing the tracks on the ceiling, even if there is a gap between the top of the sheers and the top of the window frame.

This is because sheer curtains dropping from ceiling to floor can look very elegant and make the room look larger.

However, if you have decorative cornices, you’ll want to fix your tracks to the wall. This is because decorative cornices can sometimes stick out from under the tracks if you attach them to the ceiling, and this can look strange.

Should sheers drape on the floors?

The more modern style is to have the sheers just touching the floor. This gives a sleek finish and keeps the curtains cleaner – allowing for easier maintenance.

However, if you’re choosing a heavier linen sheer and have a more traditional-style home, then you can choose to drape your sheers on the floor a little, as it will suit the space.

Still unsure about what sheers to choose for your home?

Reach out to me – Sandy – with any questions you might have about the curtains for your Perth home. I’m happy to come around and provide you with a free, non-obligation quote, and have a chat with you about the best sheer curtains for your home.