Interior Design

Interior Design

Sandy’s designs also provides  an interior design service. Our experienced interior designers work with you to create your own individual style. Every room in your home needs to be approached differently, because every room has it’s own purpose.


Our services range from coordinating design and decoration which includes colour selection, furnishings, lighting. paint, materials, and much more! At Sandy’s Designs we are proud that we deliver exceptional service and offer high quality that is second to none. We offer a wide range of textiles and fabrics to choose from when it comes to drapery, upholstery and finished goods in home accessories including cushions and throws.


If you want that elegant finishing to compliment to your décor we have a sensational range
of top quality fabrics which come in beautiful colours and designs.



Whether you are looking for a classic look to finish your deco for your lounge room, dining room, family room or bedroom.
We have a fabulous range of fabrics and all come in beautiful colours and designs….



If you want to create that warm calming relaxing look for your room. At Sandy’s offer a wide range of designs and colours
in beautiful high quality fabrics. It is best to choose more neutral colours….



For that contemporary finish to your décor we offer an exceptional range of designs,
patterns and colours in high quality fabrics….